Fresh Air and Not Being Mauled Are My Favorite Things About Camping With Guard Alaska Bear Spray

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It’s still cold here in the Midwest but April is 2 short days away and the warm weather will be here soon enough. I love the summer because it allows me the opportunity to do my favorite thing in the world and that is to go camping. Now, when I say camping I mean real honest-to-goodness camping in tents, not a big shiny Winnebago (although if someone is giving one away I’ll take it). I just love the outdoors and everything about camping, the campfires, fresh air, star filled skies at night and most of all I am just head-over-heels in love with not being mauled to death by bears.

There is nothing like a day of hiking and swimming, followed by a night around the campfire roasting marshmallows and then falling asleep under the stars without being viciously attacked by a 400 pound black bear. I would follow this schedule every day for the rest of my life if I could. I haven’t actually taken a poll or researched this but I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of camping enthusiasts, if not every last one of them, prefers to enjoy their time outdoors without being the victim of a fatal bear attack. Fortunately for myself, and for lovers of the outdoors everywhere, there is a very simple measure we can take to help ensure that we are not the victim of a bear attack when camping, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors, and that simple measure is Guard Alaska bear spray.

Guard Alaska bear spray works very much the same way that pepper spray works on a human attacker. The spray is a highly concentrated defensive spray that burns the nose, eyes, throat and lungs like crazy when it makes contact. The range on Guard Alaska is about 15-20 feet (depending on wind and weather conditions) which should provide ample room and time to point and spray the bear in its face. From the testimonials I have heard and videos I have watched the bear will more often than not turn tail and retreat after being sprayed.

Believe it or not, bear spray can be more effective than most guns in stopping a bear attack. What do you think a bullet from a low caliber rifle or handgun is going to do to an angry half-ton grizzly bear? Probably just piss it off more than it already is. Not only can Guard Alaska be more effective than a firearm, it is infinitely more humane than a gun. Firearms can kill, or at the very least permanently wound the bear whereas the effects of bear spray are not permanent and in almost all cases leave the bear with no permanent side effects. The spray is even endorsed by the EPA as it contains no harmful chemicals for the environment.

So if you are planning on hiking, camping, climbing, swimming, running or anything else you can think of in bear populated areas please do yourselves and your loved ones a favor and be sure to carry Guard Alaska bear spray with you at all times.

Guard Alaska Bear Spray For People Who Are Camping or Hiking and Not Bear Grylls

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Bear Grylls is a man’s man. He jumps out of helicopters into the barren wilderness, surrounded by wild animals, food-less and alone and he does it, more or less, for the fun of it. I vividly remember one episode where he stranded himself in the middle of a desert somewhere in Africa and resorted to eating a freshly deceased zebra carcass. Although I was initially disgusted by it I can remember thinking ‘now here is a guy who knows how to survive in any condition’. He would no doubt to be a good person to have with you should you find yourself camping in any place populated by bears. He could no doubt fashion a weapon of self-defense out of a stick, some pine cones and dirt. The rest of us however should consider carrying a canister of Guard Alaska bear spray if we plan on camping or hiking in bear country.

Bear attacks are very rare and your chances of being attacked by a bear in your lifetime, even if you are an avid camper in bear populated areas, is relatively slim. This fact should be no reason to not arm yourself with such a spray should you intend on venturing into the wilderness yourself. Just because the probability of something is rare does not mean we shouldn’t take necessary steps to protect ourselves in the event that it does happen. I drive my car several times a day and hundreds of times a year and have never been in a serious car accident but you better believe I wear my seat belt just in case. The odds of a serious automobile accident is slim but it doesn’t stop me from taking necessary precautions.

Bear spray works the same way that pepper spray works on human attackers. It is an ultra-concentrated defensive spray intended to cause the bear such intense discomfort that it gives up and high tails it from the area. Guard Alaska bear spray has an effective range (depending on wind conditions) of approximately 15-20 feet.

Another nice thing about this product is that it does not permanently harm the bear in any way. One of the reasons bear attack are so rare is that most bears are not roaming the forest looking for humans to eat. Usually when a bear attack does occur it is because the bear feels threatened or feels that it’s cubs are in danger. They are a gentle species for the most part and I think we’ve done enough as a species to eliminate them already. No need to eliminate more.

Guard Alaska Bear Spray Is An Animal Repellent

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Enjoying the great outdoors is something everyone should experience. Camping is a great way to get exercise, fresh air and can be a wonderful bonding experience between friends and family alike. Many of the camping destinations in the United States can be visited without necessitating animal repellents of any kind (unless you consider bug repellent). But anyone venturing off into wilderness inhabited by bears of any kind should absolutely, without exception, carry with them at all times some form of bear spray. There are a few brands of bear repellent spray available but the only one whose effectiveness I can personally testify to is a bear spray by Guard Alaska. Mace brand makes a bear spray as well and I would trust a leader in the self-defense industry like Mace but again I haven’t actually witnessed Mace bear spray repelling a bear. I have however witnessed multiple videos of Guard Alaska repelling a bear and it certainly seems to be the most popular bear spray out there today.

Bear repellent spray works on bears in exactly the same way that pepper spray works on humans. The main ingredients in both products are capsicum. Capsicum is what makes a hot pepper ‘hot’. It is also what stops an attacker, be it a bear or a human, as soon as it is sprayed into the face of either. It causes a severe burning sensation and causes swelling in the eyes that can lead to temporary blindness. All of that may sound very inhumane but when you consider the fact that defensive sprays leave no permanent adverse effects and that the bear is back to its old self later that same day it may not seem so inhumane after all. Plus it is certainly much more humane than ending the bear’s life by defending yourself with a firearm. Some studies have shown bear spray to be even more effective than firearms in some cases. If that isn’t enough of a reason to convince you to carry bear spray on your next camping trip I don’t know what is.

Lastly, Guard Alaska bear spray is completely safe for the environment as it contains no ozone depleting chemicals. That should be great news for any outdoor enthusiasts as the great outdoors can’t be enjoyed if we destroy it by way of harmful chemicals now can it?

So please, as a favor to your loved ones and as a favor to yourself please be sure to carry a bear repellent like Guard Alaska anytime you will be venturing into bear populated areas for any amount of time.



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Driving Under the Influence

Alaska has two ways in which someone can be prosecuted for DUI. One is if the person is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This means that the person is too impaired to operate their vehicle safely. Someone who is under the influence and too impaired to drive may exhibit odd driving behaviors such as driving too slowly, excessive braking, or swerving when it is not necessary to avoid an obstacle in the road. Someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol may also cause accidents due to their impairment. Impairment can be determined by the way they are driving or by their failure to successfully complete field sobriety tests. The other way a person can be prosecuted for DUI in Alaska is if their blood alcohol content level exceeds the limit of 0.08%. This level can be determined using chemical testing. Contacting an Alaska DUI lawyer as soon as you’ve been arrested for a DUI offense is imperative. These legal professionals know how to review each type of evidence and also have access to expert witnesses that may be able to reduce the impact of this evidence on your case.

Alaska DUI Penalties

Most DUI offenses in Alaska are classified as misdemeanors. The exceptions occur when someone has committed a third offense or greater or when a DUI results in bodily injury. The penalties for DUI in Alaska become more severe with each offense and can include fines, jail time, and community service. Some offenders can be sentenced to electric monitoring instead of jail time. Discussing all of these consequences with an Alaska DUI lawyer can help you to decide the best course of action to take and help you have the best chance for winning your case.

Administrative DUI Penalties

Criminal charges and penalties are not the only problems you will face if you are arrested for DUI. You will also have to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the administrative penalties that they impose when someone is charged with a DUI. This suspension will take effect 7 days after your arrest so it is IMPERATIVE that you contact an Alaska DUI lawyer before that time period expires. A qualified Alaska DUI attorney can help you get a hearing with the DMV to request a temporary license that you can use until your case goes to trial. If your suspension was due to having a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or greater, a restricted license is only available after the first 30 days of your suspension has passed. This option is not available if you have refused chemical testing to determine your blood alcohol content level. The revocation period lengthens if a person has had prior DUI convictions. For one prior DUI conviction or refusal to submit to chemical testing, the penalty is a license revocation of 1 year. This penalty carries no opportunity for a restricted or temporary license for any reason. For two prior DUI convictions or refusals to submit to chemical testing, the license revocation time period is three years. This penalty gives offenders no opportunity for a restricted work permit. The penalty for three or more offenses is a license revocation period of five years. There is also no opportunity to apply for a restricted work permit during this period. Because of all of these possible penalties, consulting with an Alaska DUI lawyer is one of the best things you can do. Representing yourself may cause you to miss out on important deadlines and miss information that a legal professional would be able to use to strengthen your defense.

DMV License Revocation Hearing

If you are pulled over and charged with a DUI, you will receive a “Notice and Order of Revocation” from the law enforcement officer conducting the traffic stop. The day you are issued this order is the day that the clock starts ticking on the time you have to request a hearing on your revocation. You have 7 calendar days to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and request a hearing in writing. If you do not meet this requirement, the license revocation will go into effect on the 8th day and you will have missed out on the opportunity to contest the revocation. You can deliver your written request directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles or send it to the DMV via the US Postal Service. If you choose to hand deliver the request, be sure to have someone in the DMV office sign something that shows the request was received. If you choose to use the mail, send the request certified so you can be sure the DMV received your request. In the event that the DMV claims they did not receive a request from you, having a signed certified mail receipt would prove that you did meet the requirement for requesting a hearing in the required time period. Be sure that your request is postmarked before the 7 day expiration date or your request may not arrive at the DMV on time.

Your license revocation hearing is very important to your DUI case. Even if you were not guilty of DUI and end up being not convicted or having the charges dropped, you will lose your license if you do not request a hearing within the 7 day period. Your lawyer may be able to successfully defend you against the revocation depending on what has happened with your case. This hearing also gives your attorney the opportunity to determine what information may come up at your criminal trial. Since the DMV hearing testimony is on the record, it can be very important to you at trial time. If you have been arrested for DUI, contact an Alaska DUI lawyer as soon as possible to help you save your license and defend you against criminal DUI charges.

Top 5 Reasons To Carry Guard Alaska Bear Spray While Outdoors

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One should never even entertain the idea of camping without Guard Alaska bear spray. The reasons for this should be obvious but here are, in my opinion, the top 5…

Reason no. 5 – Bears are stronger than you are. The bears found in North America, even the smaller black bears which only weigh on average of about 300 pounds, are all much stronger than you are and extremely capable of taking your life. Bear attacks are not very common but they do happen and when they do there is rarely anything short of a catastrophic injury or death as a result.

Reason no. 4 – Guard Alaska spray is extremely effective. Guard Alaska is so effective in fact that it is the only repellent registered by the EPA to repel all species of bear. After all, what good is having a tool of self defense against bears if the tool does not work? If you have any doubts about bear spray’s effectiveness in repelling bears I suggest you check out the multiple videos on YouTube of bear spray being tested in real life situations. Some studies have shown this product to be as effective, and in some cases more effective, than most firearms in repelling bears.

Reason no. 3 – Guard Alaska spray is much safer than alternative means of self defense against bear attack. Actually, aside from bear spray what else is there that would be at all effective aside from a firearm? And if I have to explain why taking a loaded firearm with you on a family camping trip might be somewhat unsafe then you have bigger problems than can be solved by reading this blog.

Reason no. 2 – Guard Alaska is environmentally safe. There are absolutely no ozone-depleting ingredients in Guard Alaska spray. That should be great news for any outdoor enthusiasts. What lover of the outdoors would want to be spraying something into the air that is destroying the outdoors?

Reason no. 1 – Last but certainly not least bear spray is a humane alternative to firearms for repelling a bear. Guard Alaska repellent, much like pepper spray for humans, is extremely effective and will cause pain and temporary blindness by way of swollen mucus membranes but will not leave any permanent or long lasting effects for the bear. Bears were technically here first and we’ve pushed them out of the vast majority of their native land already, let’s not kill them while we are at it shall we? Besides, bear attacks do not often happen because the bear is some sort of blood-thirsty monster. These attacks happen because a human has unwillingly, and perhaps unknowingly, crossed paths with a bear and the bear is frightened for itself or for its cubs.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

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Marketing, Promoting and Advertising Your Business

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One thing that goes without saying in today’s business world, is that regardless of the nature of your home based business, a website is an absolute MUST. Whether you have a product or service to sell, whether local or global, your business will go nowhere fast if you don’t have an online presence. If you need internet marketing help, you’ve landed on the right article. I’ll give you some home based business marketing ideas that will help you promote your business successfully.

The first step is choosing a domain name and getting it registered. You can build your own website (if you have the time) and host it yourself or you can have everything done by another company (if you have the money). Either way, you have many options and tools at your disposal that can align with your business plan and budget. Also note that you can still start your own home based business even if you don’t have a product or service to sell. There are thousands of individuals and companies that have products you can sell for them while earning a commission, called affiliate marketing.

Of the many business marketing strategies known to man, internet marketing is, hands down, the best strategy to use for promoting a home based business as it is the cheapest method and has the potential for reaching millions of people all over the globe. Driving traffic to your site through online resources is like killing two birds with one stone. You can tackle print advertising by writing articles and publishing them to directories and ezines and by submitting ads to the many available (and most of them free) classified ad sites. Online media advertising encompasses writing press releases and distributing them to press release sites. One of the biggest and most popular online advertising trends today is via social media advertising through sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where you build relationships with your customers. Forums and communities are also great ways to build relationships which helps promote your home based business in the long run. Simply Google your market or industry with the word ‘forum’ or ‘community’ behind it and search for one or two that seem to be the best fit for you.

All of these methods of online advertising contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), which is to say improving your online visibility and escalating in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your goal is to claim the #1 spot in the organic search results (the results on the left, not the right side which are paid ads). This is where your traffic will come from. If you are 800 in the list of search results, no one is ever going to see your site because very few people have the time or patience to scroll through 800 search results. Research shows that people typically won’t even scroll past 4 or 5 search results, let alone 800.

Can you grasp the importance of internet marketing for any business? If you are new to the internet marketing phenomenon and don’t know exactly where to start, there are many great programs or systems online that walk you through every aspect of marketing your online business. A lot of these systems were created by online entrepreneurs who have spent thousands of their own dollars trying to figure it all out over the years and finally DID. Their sacrifices have made it easier for newbies to become successful at their own online home based business. If you are new to running your own home based business, I recommend you find a great system (do your research, read reviews, ask questions in forums) and start marketing your home business from there. Don’t waste the time and money that so many of us have in going it alone, without a proven system, as it will just set you back further and hinder your progress.